Archaeological/Curation Technician Position - w/ The Great Basin Institute

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Archaeological/Curation Technician

Great Basin Institute and Bureau of Land Management Elko District Office


In partnership with the Bureau of Land Management, the Great Basin Institute seeks an Archaeological/Curation Technician to support the Elko-DO Cultural Resources Program.



The Technician will assist in compiling archaeological site forms from legacy data present in the Elko District Office and arrange associated artifacts for curation with the Nevada State Museum.  This will involve the completion of IMACS forms, GIS data construction, mapping, and curating associated artifacts. The Technician may also become involved in a variety of cultural resources management activities, such as:


• Carrying out/participating in cultural resources surveys.
• Documenting archaeological sites and architectural resources.
• Intensively recording previously documented cultural resources.
• Monitoring archaeological sites and architectural resources.
• Carrying out mitigation for archaeological sites and architectural resources.
• Drafting/reviewing/editing cultural resources reports.
• Organizing cultural resources data in analog and digital files housed at the District.
• Working on geospatial data correction for cultural resources.
• Participate in volunteer events designed to increase public participation with public land stewardship.
• Participate in the youth program designed to involve youth with cultural resources educational activities.


Approximately 90% of the work is in the office.  Office work involves creating documents (IMACS forms) and reports based on various projects, using GIS to create maps and conduct analyses, organizing and correcting analog and digital records and files, and planning and organizing field projects and educational events. Activities in the office will require a significant amount of sitting, focused on computer work as well as working with paper documents.  Fieldwork will involve driving and walking over rough and sandy terrain with wide variations in temperature ranging from below freezing in the fall and winter to above 90° F during the summer. Activities outside involve walking, bending, climbing hills, lifting and carrying various materials or supplies which are occasionally heavy.

The Archaeological/Curation Technician will gain extensive experience in creating and editing archaeological site forms, GIS, and mapping.  The Technician will also gain exposure and experience in cultural resources law, data collection, data analysis, document writing, monitoring techniques, cultural resources mitigation, public outreach, and safety.  An appreciation for the complexity of managing public lands for multiple use will also be gained.  


Location: This work will be carried out in the BLM District Office in Elko, Nevada. The Elko District encompasses 7.2 million acres, approximately 10% of which has been surveyed for cultural resources. Approximately 18,500 archaeological sites have been documented in this area. The town of Elko (pop. 18,000) is located along the I-80 corridor and is approximately 230 miles west of Salt Lake City, UT and 290 miles east of Reno, NV. Recreation opportunities, including hiking, camping, visiting cultural resource sites, and wildlife viewing, abound in this region.


Compensation and Timeframe:

Wage: $15.00/hour


• Paid holidays and personal leave
• Limited health insurance (premium paid at no cost to you) starting on day 1
• Completion of this position with positive performance reviews allows non-competitive eligibility for government hiring for two years following completion of the position.  This non-competitive eligibility allows an individual to apply for a federal job without having to compete with the general public or people with veteran’s preference. However, the applicant will compete with other competitive service employees.


• 6-month appointment starting in October 2019 following successful completion of a DOI Background Investigation
• Daily work shifts of 8 to 10 hours are anticipated within a 40 hour work week.  The work week is Monday through Friday.  Occasional circumstances require adjusting the work week to accommodate special cultural resources education events which typically take place on Saturday.



• Bachelor’s degree in archaeology or a related field and an archaeological field school;
• Educational and field experiences related to archaeology (e.g., mapping, data recording, site photography, routing access to survey sites, and drawing artifacts, structures and sketch maps); 
• Knowledge of Great Basin cultural resources is a plus;
• Good working knowledge of GIS and some experience filling out IMACS forms;
• Interest in strengthening current skills in developing, editing, organizing, and managing digital files using databases;
• Exposure to reviewing and interpreting cultural resource data in reports, maps, photographs, etc.; 
• Ability to work independently and in a team setting to accomplish project goals;
• Possess strong organizational skills with ability to meet deadlines and produce professional deliverables including draft documents for team review;
• Flexibility and capability to meet the demands of rapidly changing plans and schedules;
• Possess a valid, state-issued driver’s license and clean driving record with experience safely operating 4WD trucks on and off paved roads;
• Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and team ethic in support of the mission of GBI and goals of BLM; 
• Ability to pass mandatory BLM courses, including computer security and defensive driving;
• Because this position is being filled under a youth assistance agreement, applicants for the position must be 30 years of age or younger on their start date; and
• Ability to pass a Department of Interior security background check.


How to apply:

Please follow this link to apply directly through our online portal:


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