Archaeological Techniciana Wanted; San Francisco Bay Area; $25-$35/hr + mileage; local hires preferred

Daniel Shoup

Archaeological/Historical Consultants (A/HC) is seeking archaeologists for short-term fieldwork in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Work includes survey, construction monitoring, augering, and trenching at locations in the 9-county Bay Area. Most of our jobs require 3-5 days of fieldwork, though we welcome candidates with experience or interest in post-field processing and report preparation.

Applicants should have a BA in archaeology and/or a record of supervised field experience. Work can be physically strenuous; you should be able to lift up to 40 pounds and/or walk 6-8 miles per day. We offer $25-35/hour depending on experience, plus mileage. No per diem or lodging is usually available, so local hires are preferred.

Please send expressions of interest, with resumé, to info@....

About us: established in 1976, A/HC is a small but well-established cultural resources firm based in Oakland, CA. Our practice includes archaeological surveys, testing, and mitigation; historic architecture studies; forensic historical research; and preparation of CEQA and NHPA Section 106 documents. We work for both public and private clients, with a focus on in the nine-county Bay Area. We are an equal-opportunity employer.