April Job postings

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At the end of the month I will try to sum up the job posting/calls for
vitae that we have had on here. Since this list has only been live for 6
days (and already has 130+ subcribers) I consider that a sign that
shovelbums will work as a good medium for us all. As I am promoting this
list still I would like to ask any of you, who have not done so already, to
please forward the invitaion for "shovelbums" (as well as
shovelbums_gossip) at the bottom of this message to your own personal network
of shovelbum friends. If you are in a university setting if you could pass
this on to the dept. coordinator and have them forward it to your
anthropology student body (if your department does such things), or print is
and post it on a bulletin board near the anthropology office/grad
students offic I would appreciate it.

Other news: A web site is planned to compliment the list. This is
going slow as I finish up my masters, but it will come in time.

Start April Jobs Postings

From: "Susan E. Butler" <sbutler@...>

Louis Berger & Associates, Inc. (Berger) is actively seeking field crew
members for various projects in the Midwest and Eastern United States.
Berger has immediate openings on projects in Iowa, Pennsylvania,
Washington DC, and Virginia. A B.A. degree in Anthropology or related field
is required.

Please submit cover letter, resume, and references to:

Lauri Chappell
Crew Coordinator
Louis Berger & Associates, Inc.
950 50th Street
Marion, IA 52302
1-888-522-2724 - phone
(319) 373-3043 - phone
(319) 373-3045 - fax

Hardlines: Design & Delineation
4608 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, OH 43214

Tel: 614.784.8733
Fax: 614.784.9336

We currently seeking to fill two temporary field technician positions that
will become open in the nerxt 30-60 days. All interested applicants should
send a copy of their curriculum vitae with a cover letter, and a list of
references to the above address (fax is acceptable; e-mail is not). Address
all inquiries to Andrew Mickelson, Principal Investigating Archaeologist.

End of April Job Postings

R. Joe
If you dig it, they will come

Please pass or post this lower part of the message on.

---Apologies for cross postings on archaeology lists---
---This is an announcement for a archaeology field jobs ListServ---
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If you are an administator associated with archaeologists (students or
professional) looking for field work, please post or e-mail this message to
interested parties (department anthropology student lists, personal
archaeology friends network, bulletin board in the main office, etc.)

This list is for anyone who understands what it means to be a modern
contract (CRM) field archaeologist, and for those looking to find out. We
are referred to, sometimes disparagingly, by family and friends as
"shovelbums". Regardless of the name this is a proud, but challenging,
profession, and one deserving a more cohesive network to find the jobs we so
dearly love. As we move from state to state (literally and figuratively)
following the cash cow pipelines or saving up to go and work on those great
digs, the ones with great archaeology, lots of satisfaction, but little pay,
we sometimes loose contact with our networks on where the next job is.

I learned when starting in "the field" in the 80's that finding jobs
dependeds almost exclusivley on your network of friends. You might
hear from Pat who has heard from Cathy that so-n-so is gearing up for a
big job. At that time using telephone, letters, and lately web resources
were the mediums of choice. The Shovelbums listserv will streamline and
compliment this whole process, taking advantage of the nearly ubiquitous
access we all have to e-mail. Now when someone knows of a project, anywhere,
with the word out for hires, this is the place to announce or find it, and it
comes right to your mailbox. This list will not be region specific. In
respect to the grand nature of our profession it is open to postings for
paying field jobs, anywhere. If you dig it, they will come.

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Thanks for your time. Please pass this message onto any other
archaeologists you know. The busy field season is coming up fast.

125+ field techs and companies currently participating (5-4-99)
"If you dig it, they will come"

R. Joe Brandon


Hey Mira -
"Louis Berger & Associates, Inc. (Berger) is actively seeking field crew
members for various projects in the Midwest and Eastern United States.
Berger has immediate openings on projects in Iowa, *Pennsylvania* . . . "

Not that I know anything at all about Pennsylvanian prehistory, but hey . . .
have to touch up my resume . .

Love you,