2021 Field Season Archaeological Technicians - Salt Lake City, Utah

Karpinski, Mark

Tetra Tech Inc’s Salt Lake City office is currently looking to immediately hire Archaeological Technicians to join our Intermountain Region Cultural Resource Team. The job will require significant regional travel. Single occupancy hotel is paid by the company and, depending on the project, per diem or receipt reimbursement is provided for overnight trips. Pay will be $17.00 to $19.00 depending on experience.


Responsibilities: The candidate is to provide cultural resource technical assistance to a field director and/or Principal Investigator during cultural resource undertakings. Potential work includes, but not limited to, field inventory, monitoring, evaluative testing, and site mitigation. Field work will be within the Intermountain West region (Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado) with potential for work across the continental United States.


Qualifications: The candidate must have at least one year of experience providing cultural resource management technical work in and/or conducting cultural resource management projects in the Great Basin and Intermountain West of the United. Each candidate must be able to lift and carry over 35 lbs and walk over open, uneven, terrain outdoors for up to 10 hours per day regardless of weather conditions. Holding current MSHA Part 48 certification and Intermountain West regional residence is a plus.


Degree Requirements: Minimum education requirement is at least a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology/Archaeology with a concentration in North American Archaeology.


If interested, please apply through the Tetra Tech web portal: https://www.tetratech.com/en/careers


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