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Just contact your state's SHPO and they will furnish you with a
list of the contract companies that work in their state. While they do
not include every single company/person the list will probably help you
out a lot. A good idea is to contact several different states which
you might be interested in working in and get their listings too. Send
out as many resumes as you can with a cover letter explaining your
interests. Most companies do not advertise a lot of their project
openings due to the fast start up time, so they go directly to the pile
of resumes they have on file. This is the prime time of year for
sending out a lot of resumes. Hope this helps.

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To shovelbums,
I'm a December grad from the U. of Northern Iowa.
Luckily, I've had a
chance to get my feet wet with both the Forest
Service and the Park Service.
I have little difficulty finding job announcements
for these (and other)
gov't positions.
My question: how do I find out about private sector
arch. positions?
I've heard of a few agencies, even within the state
of Iowa, but I've had no
luck locating them. Any suggestions?
Thanks....Daniel VanVuren

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