200+ shovelbums

R. Joe Brandon <rjoe@...>

Today we reached the 200th subscriber on Shovelbums. Not bad for only
being online for 12 days. If you are in school or at an office please
pass on the word/post/forward the signup e-mail for the list.

Job stuff:

I have heard some rumors about A: Lots of work in Alaska this summer,
and B: a couple of big pipelines, one is running from ND to Illinois and
has crews in the field now (IMAC in Minnesota is running this job I believe,
though I know they had TRC-Mariah helping them out on an Illinois (?!) leg
for a bit), and another company (?) running a pipeline in NW New Mexico?

Are there any big cemetary Jobs continuing this year? There were a
number of big ones last summer/fall in Houston and several out East, are
these ongoing?

I know a number of you on this list are on these jobs/in the areas, and
so if they are hiring pass the word onto the list.

R. Joe Brandon
"if you dig it, they will come"

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