Historic Preservation Division Vacancy - HPD Offices, Stockbridge, Georgia

R. Joe Brandon

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Onto the posting:


R. Joe

Historic Preservation Division Vacancy

Curator / Preservationist 3 – Rockdale County



HPD Offices, Stockbridge, Georgia 


Historic Preservation Division











This position’s primary duty is to conduct archaeological review and survey of projects for GADNR’s Wildlife Resources Division in advance of timber harvest. The successful applicant will triage, manage, and complete large numbers of small project requests. These projects will require both desktop project reviews as well as field reconnaissance surveys on state lands throughout Georgia managed by the Wildlife Resources Division. This position will require frequent overnight travel and occasional long days in remote locations.  The incumbent will work closely with the Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites archaeologist. Additional duties related to state and federal mandated preservation programs and preservation activities will be required.




Bachelor's degree in natural resource management, environmental science, historical preservation or a closely related field from an accredited college or university 


One year of experience in a directly related field. 


Two years of experience required at the lower level Curator/Preservationist 2 (NRP031) or position equivalent.




Preference may be given to applicants with one or more of the following: 

  • At least two years of  archaeological field experience
  • Experience preparing Section 106 reports and/or conducting Section 106 surveys
  • Demonstrated proficiency with GIS (ArcGIS) and GPS (Trimble).



NOTE: Applicants must submit both an electronic DNR Application for Employment AND a resume to Rachel.Black@...Applications and resumes must be submitted via e-mail only. 


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