New Job Posting - Environmental Scientist for the California Department of Water Resources (Closes 5/28/2019)

Rylan Thomas

This is a permanent, full-time position for a cultural resources specialist under the State of California “Environmental Scientist” classification. You can now take the qualifying exam on-line concurrent with the application. See position details below:



Environmental Scientist


$3,668.00 - $7,013.00

Post Date



West Sacramento, CA

Job Information


Environmental Scientist (Archaeology) Position Available


California Department of Water Resources


Division of Environmental Services


West Sacramento


We are looking for an individual possessing a background in archaeology and strong organizational and writing skills to assist with a wide range of environmental regulatory compliance services required for operation of the State Water Project, flood protection and levee maintenance activities, ecosystem restoration and protection, AB 52 implementation, and other programs as needed.  The incumbent will be responsible for planning and conducting intensive cultural resources field surveys; assisting with other natural resources surveys; and recording, analyzing and evaluating discoveries made in the field for Department projects and activities Statewide.  Work includes pre-field research, stakeholder outreach, Native American consultation, field surveys and preparation of essential documentation for environmental compliance purposes.  Duties also include oversight of environmental consultants and document review.


You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.


If interested in the position, please follow the application instructions posted at:


Application package documents include a completed State Employment Application (STD 678), resume, supplemental questionnaire answers and cover letter.

Contact Person: Laura Hamilton
Phone Number: (916) 376-9697
Email Address:


Applications must be filed on, or before, the final filing date of Monday, May 28, 2019. 





Rylan Thomas, MA, RPA

Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)

CA Dept. of Water Resources, DES

Office (916) 376-9792 • Mobile (916) 695-0078



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