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Elena Houk

Field Archeologists Job Announcement

Quality Services, Inc., Rapid City, South Dakota is hiring field archeologists. Positions will last two to eight months with the potential to convert to full time staff employees. Field work schedules are generally 10 hours per day for up to 8 or 10 work days followed by two to six days off. Overtime work may be required. Lodging and per diem is provided for overnight work trips away from Rapid City.

Pay rates vary depending on the position, experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Positions start April 1, 2019 to June 1, 2019.

Projects will involve mitigative excavation, surveys, and site evaluation.

1. Excavation positions are available in old Chinatown, Deadwood, South Dakota and may include

analysis and report preparation.

2. Survey work will primarily be in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota, including

multiple small to large scale inventories for wind farms, seismic exploration, or other developments, and National Register of Historic Places evaluation projects.

Applicants must demonstrate appropriate professional and personal skills particular to the positions (excavation, inventory, etc.), profession, region and industries served. Employees are required to provide their own Personal Protection Equipment (boots, hard hats, safety vests, gloves, hearing protection) and personal field equipment (trowel, at least one 5 to 10 meter tape measure and one 30 meter tape measure; and other personal equipment needed in ordinary archeological survey or excavation). Candidates should be able to walk 10 miles per day carrying field equipment. Inclement weather may occur year round.

Skills highly desirable in potential employees include:

a. common sense and the ability to think for oneself, assess a situation and draw reasonable

conclusions based on studying the facts;

b. good interpersonal and communication skills which will allow one to deal effectively with the

public, private landowners, clients, regulatory personnel, supervisors and co-workers;

c. the ability to follow and give written and verbal instructions;

d. knowledge and implementation of appropriate safety practices including OSHA requirements;

e. excellent technical and grammatical writing skills and reading comprehension;

f. familiarity with MS Office, Photoshop Elements, ArcGIS, and topographic map software;

g. Trimble GPS equipment; and

h. Drafting, drawing and knowledge of maps, mapping techniques and map reading.

Applicants should submit the following via email to employment@...

1. Vita showing work experiences with starting and end dates for each position.

2. Site forms or other forms, reports and/or other writing examples.

3. Cover letter with the following information:

a. Experience with Trimble GPS systems and related software.

b. Driver's license number and state of issue (valid license is generally required).

c. References with phone numbers and email addresses.

d. Summary of applicant’s knowledge, skills and experiences that will lead to successful

accomplishment of assigned tasks.

e. Authorization to conduct credit, criminal and other background searches.

f. Any additional documentation to show reviewers you possess the skills outlined above.

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