Macrofloral Analyst Position at PaleoResearch Institute


Macrofloral Analyst
PaleoResearch Institute in Golden, Colorado, seeks a part- or full-time macrofloral analyst to work on archaeological samples and identify charcoal.  If that’s your passion, then we offer the opportunity to work in a diverse, small business setting on material from the entire US and other parts of the world.  Take the initiative to make this your ideal workplace – be your personal best and elevate the room and your work!
A little about us: PaleoResearch Institute is a small, woman-owned business located in Golden, Colorado, at the western edge of metro Denver.  We have been on the cutting edge of archaeometry and archaeobotany since 1972, and have always looked to expand our services in this ever-growing field.  Our offices and labs house an extensive amount of archaeometric equipment and reference collections, allowing us to perform a wide range of analyses.
Education: Master's Degree preferred (if you are skilled, call for a discussion even if you do not have a Master's Degree).
The nitty gritty:
Paleo Research Institute provides a variety of archaeobotanic services for archaeologists across the United States and internationally. 
The successful candidate will already have an excellent ability to recognize and identify seeds, charcoal, and other plant remains using a light microscope, and will be able to use our reference collection to identify “unknowns”.  We can teach you to use our small SEM for imaging seeds and charcoal.
The successful candidate will have strong interpretation and writing skills,
You must be fluent in English and able to work in the United States (US citizen or already hold a work visa).
To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to info@....  For more information, feel free to reach us on (303) 277-9848.

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