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Lucy Wayne

Field Technicians Needed Now—SouthArc, Inc., Gainesville, Florida

Needed 2 field techs for North Florida survey as soon as possible.  Florida or southeastern US experience requested.  4-6 weeks work, 5 day week.  Small crew works in 2-person teams.  $14/hour with overtime pay, $35/day per diem, lodging provided (single person per room), transportation from SouthArc office provided or will pay standard mileage rates to and from SouthArc and project tract.

Contact Lucy or John at sastaff@... sastaff - at-  or (352)372-2633 or 1-888-707-2721.

Lucy B. Wayne, Ph.D., RPA





3700 NW 91st Street, Suite D300

Gainesville, FL 32606

(352)372-2633, fax (352)378-3931, toll free 1-888-707-2721


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