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Welcome to the new home of the mailing list part of ShovelBums!


The Migration of the ShovelBums Jobs Mailing List from its nineteen year tenure on (and it's legacy systems) to it's new home on is complete! 
If you previously had an active email address associated with it has been transferred here to the new ShovelBums mailing list home. If you need to get a password to manage your account, change your settings, etc... you can use This Password Recovery Link to get it. Just click on the "Email me a link to log on" button on the landing page it brings you to.

How to send a job to this new address
From now on please send job announcements to: 

Are you new to ShovelBums and wondering what it is about? Read on!
Are you looking for a job in archaeology or a career in Cultural Resource Management? Would you like have a career as an archaeologist? Historian? GIS or Remote Sensing? Are you looking for an archaeology, anthropology or CRM Field School? Then Shovel Bums is your resource. 

This ShovelBums mailing list is the job announcement portion of, this is what ShovelBums is focused on, finding you the job you want or the best employees and staff available. If you are looking for a job in archaeology or CRM then you are in the right place. For 19 years ShovelBums has been the worlds largest Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management job service. 


Joining the ShovelBums mailing list is free! But to post there is a fee structure you can read about here: Fee Structure (Internships and certain other positions are free).

This list is dedicated to helping Archaeologists and CRM specialists around the world find work. Field Archaeologists Project Managers, SHPO and academics quickly find out about gainful employment anywhere there is a field/office/university/lab job. The traffic on this list is moderated and is ONLY for announcing archaeology or CRM related job postings so this list will not be something that floods your mailbox. For your convenience you can change your subcription to a digest mode (i.e. one e-mail is delivered to you a day, with all of the days messages in it). Information on how to do that is in the welcome message you will automatically receive after you have signed up.

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