The Galvanick Lucipher

Trevor at The Model Railway Show

Hi everyone:

As I've posted previously, I'm experimenting with the new Sergent EC64 S scale couplers. I'm really, really impressed - well done, Frank! Unless something stupid happens, I'll place a bulk order for these when they come back on the market later this summer.

In the meantime, through my experiments I learned that I needed better light to see to use the coupler wand (the MS). My layout is lit by very directional halogen lighting, which casts really nice shadows and does a convincing job of representing sunlight. But this means that the space between two boxcars can often be in shadow, making it hard to line up couplers.

So, I solved the problem by strapping my MS to an inexpensive LED flashlight. A photo is attached, and you can read more about this tool on my blog at:

Enjoy if you visit!

- Trevor


Trevor Marshall

Port Rowan in 1:64

An S scale study of a Canadian National Railways branch - in its twilight years