Sergents & Diesel plows

Tim L

Just wondering what folks usually do in the situation of installing Sergents (type F) on diesels with plows on them. Everything I've ever
installed onto before hasn't had plows and has only had type E's, so
I've had choice on coupler shank length to solve how far the coupler
sticks out.

Frank only offers the type F in one shank length and as far as I have "dry fitted" to models I have so far the length is inadequate to get the couplers far enough in front of the plows to be able to couple two loco's together without problems, on curves at least.

I'm not beyond drilling and tapping new mounting holes etc but would
like to avoid that sort of surgery if I can. I would use the RailFlyer
versions as these would be the best on loco's but Frank still doesn't
sell kits of them yet.


James Wall

Frank and Group,

I have fitted Sergent couplers to two Bowser Centuries(1-C630 and 2- C636).  While none had plows on them I keep running into the problem of the coupler top plate hitting the top of the coupler.  The C630 is actually a Stewart in N&W.  The C636 are Demo 636-1 and Delaware Lackawanna 3642.

Frank, this was one of the projects I wanted to try the RailFlyer type on and it does not work.  The other was the Atlas scale box and that is a bust as well.  As far as I can tell we need the narrow shank with the extension the EC87 has.

With the problem on hitting the plow with a F type, I have installed F types in a Athearn Genesis GP39X and a RTR GP40X, both with plows and no problems.  This may need the same extension as the EC87 as well.

I would say the extension of 0.100 would be good for both projects.

Frank, I will try and take pictures of the problems with the Bowser ALCOs.

Here is a picture of the RTR GP40X with F and plow.

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC