[SergentEng] Re: Where to purchase

William Uffelman

D&RGW and C&S use full size couplers while SP and EBT used 3/4 size. That said the KD O scale full size is oversize so the On3 is close to SG size. 

The Sergent S coupler does work well in O narrow gauge applications.

Bill Uffelman 

On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 1:03 PM, group_list@... [SergentEng]

Sergent does not make an "O" scale coupler.  They do however make an "S" scale coupler.  The "S" coupler is 3/4 size "O" which is same as "On3".   Kadee does the same thing.  Their "On3' & "S" couplers are identical excepting the trip pin.