[SergentEng] RE: Pilot couplers

John Short

Thanks, Jon.


I was hoping that they were isolated, but did not really know.  I did not have a problem with the older Sergent couplers on the old layout, which I had to tear down in order to move.  However, a new (larger) layout is on the way!  Thanks for the quick reply!




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Hi John,


I have converted one of my Blackstone's to Sharon couplers on the pilot and the tender.  The locomotive I chose was my K-27 #459, which I also did a snowplow conversion on.  I've had no problems running double headers with this locomotive.  I believe the pilot and tender coupler boxes are isolated from the frame, so this shouldn't be a problem.  BTW, the Sharon looks awesome with the snow plow!  Very prototypical in appearance.  I did have to file down the underside of the plow so the coupler could move side to side more freely.