[SergentEng] Re: Coupler boxes?

John Degnan

A (better and more detailed) replacement for the Accurail box is coming soon from another manufacturer.  Hang in there.

John D


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I know the Accurail are no more. But is there any way to mount the Sergent now?
I wonder if anyone has a cad file on the Accurail to share?



While we're all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new draft gear boxes to replace the Accurail version, has anyone tried the Precision Scale draft gearbox, part# 32025.  PSC describes this draft gear box as a replacement to the standard Kadee #714 draft gear box.  I know with a little reaming of the Sharon shank, the Sharons will fit into the Kadee 714 draft gear box.  That makes me think the Sharon will also fit into PSC's draft gear box.

Thoughts always appreciated.