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In your tests how did you find the coupling pressure of the new couplers? When coupling to a single freight car will the knuckle close without moving the car? I am interested in getting the couplers to try them out on my On3 cars which are rather small and light.

I use the Sergent couplers on some of my HO cars which are equipped with Tahoe  Model Works trucks which are very free rolling. There I have some problems with the cars rolling when I try to couple to a single car.

I understand the need to align the couplers for coupling. I like your idea of fitting a flashlight to the uncoupling tool. I found it helpful for coupling. Still with good alignment of the couplers and now being able to see the couplers better I still have some cars that would rather roll than couple.


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Hi Jerry:

It can still be an issue - but I've had the same issue with Kadees. The couplers do have a nice light touch, though... and I think they'll loosen up even further as I run trains and break them in a bit more.

I suspect that I'll set aside some time in about a month to go through the cars that have been equipped with Sergents and re-do the graphite pencil trick on them, just in case I've missed any spots. It should only take a minute per car.


- Trevor


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