[SergentEng] Corroded couplers

Tim L

That's really good news to hear Mike.

I would never have thought of the fumes from wood to cause problems
like that.


On 24/08/2016 05:38, Mike Van Hove mvanhove@... [SergentEng] wrote:

Hello, all,

Some of you (Frank in particular) will remember last year when I had all
the trouble with the Sergent Couplers becoming corroded.

Frank helped me out, considerably, and I rebuild all 200 couplers.

At the time, I was still doing woodwork in the same building as the
train layout.

The production job I was doing called for using Red or White Oak “Not
Kiln Dried”.

So the wood was brought into the shop, stacked until I was ready to work
it up. There was a lot of moisture in that wood, and apparently, it has
quite a bit of acid that occurs naturally.

A friend of Franks thought it might be the cause of the trouble.

The acid may have been the cause of all my trouble, as now that I have
finally retired, and stopped doing that job, I’m not having the problem.

Frank had me label a few of the reworked couplers and set them aside, as
a control. They have been there for at least a year. In working on the
layout today, I came across those labeled couplers. They work as slick
as anything. No sign of corrosion.

So, I think we can say the Oak was the cause of my problem.

So, thanks to all who weighed in my problem and especially Frank, who
went way beyond the call of duty, in working with me. I’m so glad I was
the cause of the problem, and not Frank’s wonderful products.

Long live the Sergent Coupler!

Mike Van Hove