[SergentEng] Cleasning Castings Before Assembly

Tim L

I've only broken the tang off once from memory, and that was one of the
original hand cast couplers. I have filed a bit too much off the end
of the tang on the diecast knuckles before but not broken it.

My usual way to clean the tang is to either just use a hobby knife and
give each side a quick scrape or if really needed a couple of quick
passes with a needle file.


On 04/11/2016 13:42, John Degnan @Scaler164 [SergentEng] wrote:

During cleaning up the castings before assembly, has anyone ever
actually broken off the little piece on the knuckle that the ball locks
against when the couplers are locked closed? This piece is the area in
red in the attached photo. I have recently acquired a few micro-sized
wire brushes that I'm considering using to clean up the parts prior to
assembly, and I'm wondering how careful I should be with these brushes
in this extension of the knuckle... or if I should use the brushes at all?

(I ask this about both the HO and S scale couplers, assuming the S
coupler to be more durable due to the larger size)

John Degnan

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