{Sergent Engineering} Not a Robot, and S Scale questions

Bill Keene

Hello Chris,

Would an HO scale type E represent the size of the smaller coupler you want to install on the standard gauge equipment?

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Bill Keene
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On Feb 12, 2018, at 4:35 AM, Chris S via Groups.Io <cottonwoodarmada1651@...> wrote:

Hi group,

I am also not a robot. I recently switched from HOn3/HO to Sn3/S and am curious about what my Sergents options are. My focus is 1907, so Sharon couplers are appropriate, and in HO I had planned (and started) to use Sharons on both standard and narrow gauge equipment, since many narrow gauge railroads used full-size couplers. Now in 1:64, I'm still planning on Sharons for the narrow gauge to represent a 3/4 size coupler (I'm a freelancer, so that's fine for me), but I'm not sure what to do on the (much smaller) roster of standard gauge equipment. The HO Sharon is too small, but the S scale Type E is too modern. Any ideas out there for an S scale early knuckle coupler?


Chris S


Not a bad idea and I’ll look into that, but the profile of the Type E would still be pretty distinctively off. Regardless, it will look better than anything else available to my knowledge, but I sure wish there was an S scale Sharon available. As things are though, I think your idea is likely my best option.