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Mark Plank

I've been a longtime lurker, but now that I received some S scale Sergent couplers for Christmas, it is time to start converting to them.

Mark Plank
Modeling the Toledo & Ohio Central (NYC Lines) St. Marys branch in 1915 in S scale

On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 5:02 AM, Mark Stamm <mark@...> wrote:
As requested, let me introduce myself... I’ve been a modeler since I was old enough to have a hobby knife. There where many starts and stops that got in the way, but today I enjoy myself as I can. I have for the most part been an observer of the this group, but I have acquired multiple pairs of the Sergent couplers to test. Once the final plan for the railroad comes together the final decision will be made, as of today I have lots of cars with no coupler applied. 

I look forward to reading the discussions as they unfold. 


Mike Van Hove


I’ve been a HO Standard gage modeler for way too many years. I have just over 100 freight and passing cars, all from the 1900 to 1910 era. My road is the Colorado Midland.

I got the rolling stock all hooked uo with Kadees, several years ago.

I forget what made me try the Sergent Couplers, but I did and really loved the fact they don’t do that accordian dance, as the train moves along.

Next thing you know, I was converting all these cars and locos to Sergents.

Now, as I’m getting older, my wife says we should move to Lenoir Woods, a nice retirement village near us.

We are on the waiting list for a home. No way we could cram even 1/4 of our “Stuff” into an apartment.

One thing is for certain, my 8’ x 30’ Colorado Midland layout will see the chainsaw.

My plan (in my mind), is to build some small modules in HOn3. (My wife hasn’t been told about this plan, yet).

I also have 2 Blackstone Engines, and 1 Westside T-12, which now have Sergents.

Naturally, I can’t wait, so I’m building Rail Line and Labelle kits, in HOn3.

Also, naturally, the couplers are Sergent. Most likely I will have only 20 or 30 cars total, as there is no way there will be room for more.

So, I have to sell off the Standard Gage rolling stock. The cars all have Sergents, but I’m including the Kadees, for the uneducated folks who don’t appreciate Sergents. 😀

So, now, you know more about my hobby then you wanted know.

Thanks for switching me over to this new chat venue.

Mike Van Hove