Sergent Engineering Coupler Installation List

Riley Kinney

Good morning all,

Recently I asked the question, is there a list of models and what couplers fit them?  I had not realized there was a small list on the Sergent Engineering website but I am running with that list to get more information. 

What I am offering to the groups both here and the FB group is to add to this small list and make it available for everyone in both groups. 

What I need from you, the guys that have installed the couplers, is information like what is in the Sergent list that I have attached.

I added Level to separate out Genesis, Ready to Roll, and Roundhouse for Athean, for example.   For the Specific Model column, if you can include the model number as well that would be great. More information is better.

I can take the information from you however you want...written out in a message or email; or in an actual Excel file or something similar.   I will update the list as people let me know the information for a model not on the list.

Email to me at thunderhawk261@... so to keep these emails separate from my user email address.






Kevin Packard

Nearly every model I've done uses the standard width mounting hole.  The only models that do not are the Genesis 5161 hoppers, and those require the narrow shank due to the scale draft gear.

Length of the coupler shank is largely dependent on what the modeler wants to use.  Almost every car I've done can use a standard length shank.  The only reason to use a longer shank is if the prototype requires it (modern cars).  I have placed Sergents on Accurail, Athearn RTR, Athearn Genesis, Exactrail, Scaletrains, Walthers, Atlas, LBF, Intermountain, etc.  Also used in Details West draft gear.

Note that some applications will require some filing on the coupler where it sits in the coupler box if it is too thick.  I've encountered this when using Details West draft gear, as well as a handful of factory models, though I can't recall which ones.