S scale couplers

Brian Straight

Hi, i model On30 and have done some tests with Sergent couplers in the past and am more than happy with them.  From what i understand the machine that was used to make them broke down.  Could I get a quickstart on what happened and the possibility for the future.  Also, does anyone know where i could get some more couplers?

Neil Erickson

The S scale versions have been recreated by a few modelers but not in the way that Frank Sergent did using a 3D printer with a wax type filament in order to cast these strings of parts in metal. This “lost wax” method produces a consistent quality but required a great deal of set up and some cleaning of flash and removal from sprues. Chris Costello (JL Inovative) is attempting to cast some from this way as well as in a spin casting machine. He has bought several small model lines and is busy fulfilling other orders but has promised to share his results. Stay tuned. 

Neil Erickson