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Ken Neufeld


My name is Ken Neufeld. I model in Sn3. Wondering if anyone out there is using Sergent couplers in this scale/gauge.

Would also like to know if there are specs on these couplers. Couldn't find any on the Sergent website. Specifically I build PBL kits and they use a Kadee #26 on a lot of their kits. This coupler has a .100 longer shank than the #5.

I am assuming the compatible shank couplers are replacements for the #5 or the newer scale head coupler.

I am thinking I would use the Sharon coupler but don't know if it would be compatible. Or would I have to use the Type E and ignore the vintage?

Thanks to anyone

Nick Gully

 I have been putting the Sergent coupler in my P-B-L equipment. Since the S Sharon is a shorter shank than the KD#26, I remove the mount hole in the P-B-L casting and drill a new hole to screw into. I put a bit of evergreen polystyrene tube around the screw as a bushing so the coupler slack and side-to-side action feel appropriate to me. They really are a splendid match of accurate operation with scale hardware.

Sergent Couplers in Sn3 | Nick's Random Musings


Best Regards,

 Nick Gully

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr

The Sharon was an older 'standard' coupler a bit smaller than a D or E.  A so called type C.  The only visual difference at our scale tween the D & E is the knuckle height.  So; To make a "D out of an "E" just file the knuckle a bit top and bottom.

The "H0" Sharon would be way too small.  The "E" is 73% of "S" being scale "H0".  The #5 is 17-20% OVERSIZE FOR "H0" so that makes it apx 87% of "S"  The "S" Sargent is 100% of "S" so a bit larger than a Sharon.  But; Smaller than an 802 which is oversized though not as much as a #5.  Which one to use is,of course, your choice.

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr

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