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John Niemeyer

Hello All
While following (with interest) discussions on other groups, about the problems and possible shutdown of Yahoo. I have started a new group on . For now, I will not do anything with this group. I’m merely trying to be proactive in case Yahoo does go away. If and when the time comes, I can have all the members, discussions, photo’s and files transferred to the new group.
Is there any interest in doing this now?
John Niemeyer
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Mark Lewis


IMO..we should be pro-active on this and switch/sign up at the site....soon. 
I have done this with a few other Yahoo groups I belong to and it is easy and seamless.

Mark Lewis 
Stony Point, NC 

Jim King <jimking3@...>

Whenever you want/need to make the move, fine with me.  The Proto 48 group moved to IO last year with no hiccups.  The S scale Yahoo group is looking at options away from Yahoo now.


Jim King



Though I don't post here often, I'd vote for the move to occur now rather than later. is an ad-free site; it seems to work much better than Yahoo groups and offers more features to its users.

Also, by doing it now you can transfer all the members at once and avoid any potential complications from those that might take it upon themselves to individually subscribe to the list.

Just my $0.02...
Bill Lugg

Len T Raley

I strongly support a move to NOW. I think the threat to healthy continuance of Yahoo groups is real and I
much prefer the options and reading formats available at

Be well,

Len Raley 

Robert Margerum

Transfer me whenever you want to

Steve Black

I am a member of a few groups that have made the swtich and I like it.  

Steve Black

Rob Briney

I think that is a wonderful idea and don’t think you should wait. I have a number of groups that I’m a member of and it is impossible for me to access any information on their Yahoo pages.
Rob Briney

William Gossett <gossport43@...>



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William Gossett

Hoschton, GA