New coupler box update

Jim King <jimking3@...>

My last email stated that I would have some more info re: a new project that John Degnan and I are working on “after Thanksgiving”.  Well, it’s now “after” but we’re not ready to release a new product just yet.  We are still evaluating options that, depending on the selected “best” method, will dictate more design changes.


I am willing to add another piece to the tease:  the project is a self-centering device for Frank’s superb narrow shank coupler using a drop-in replacement draft gear box for Accurail users.  No details on what the final springing mechanism will look like because we haven’t tested all options, including sourcing materials.  The goal is simple:  if you desire centering, remove the Accurail boxes now installed on your rolling stock, re-use Frank’s coupler in the new box, add the to-be-finalized spring and reassemble using the same screws and hole locations.  The box and lid will be cast in black urethane to eliminate basic painting … just weather to your liking and that’s it.  Suffice to say that the final product will be a stock item so you won’t have to concern yourself about needing-and-not-being-able-to-get issues again.


The next email on this topic will include an isometric, exploded view of the CAD assembly.  I don’t know when that will be … I can only tell you that we are working on several prototypes with much anticipation for a great product that resolves the lack-of-centering issue.  When we’re satisfied it’s the best we can offer using available material in the limited box space dictated by the narrow shank, that’s what I’ll produce.


Jim King

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