Need sergent advice !

Matt S

Hey folks, i need your thoughts and expertise. I am a totally ignorant newbie so speak in potato head terms. 

I am building a timesaver switching layout. mostly to learn all the things i need to know for my big lay out. the theme is inside a steel mill. i have the following:

a walther heritage usra 0-6-0 switcher.

comes with kaydee #5s

two of these hot metal cars:

two of these ingot cars: 

two of these hoppers :


What couplers do i need? and do youhave advice on how to put them in? 

thanks guys! 

Dave Snyder

Hello ?, nice to sign your posts so you can be addressed correctly.

The Proto 2000 Steamer says Kadee #5 couplers so the Sergent EC87K should drop right into the pocket once you have removed the lid and screw.

The Southern Car and Foundry units appear to be Kadee #5s, but I would query the company to make sure as well as inquire as to any perplexities with coupler change out.

The Westerfield resin kits are less trucks and couplers, so you could buy Kadee #5 pockets and install  as above or try the newer scale pocketed EN87A couplers and don't forget to order the trucks as well. These resin kits will need assembly with various adhesives, painting, and decal application and over coating to protect the decals. They can be daunting to complete, but a lot of modelers enjoy the adventure.

I would start by using the assembled Sergents at first.
Check back with the group as you progress and feel free to ask questions.

Dave Snyder
Louisville, Ky.

Matt S

Sorry Dave, hi I'm Matt. Lol.

Ok, I'll try those out. The engine has kadee #5s, so ill do as you advised, The kits all seem to come with kadee 158s. Is that some thing that has a straight a Ross trade as well?