Narrow shanks and curve radius for HO cars 40-feet and shorter...

Jeff Ford

Good evening,

Hope you're doing well.  Question: In HO, for cars 40-feet or less, what can one expect for a minimum radius using the narrow shank

-Jeff Ford
Sanger, Texas

RJ Dial

Ignoring truck swing, Min Radius will mostly depend on the width of the coupler box opening and how far the coupler sticks out from the end of the car.  I use Accurail boxes and Narrow Shank couples on all my Resin Kits (mostly 40'), and set the upper lip of the Accurail box tight with the end sill. This consistent installation results in 20" radius without any issues. They might go tighter, but I never check for that as 20" is my min layout radius, and since I have full underbody detail the trucks start hitting stuff at about 18".

RJ Dial
Mendocino, CA