Membership application

Richard and Liam Kirk

Good morning


Thank you for allowing me to apply to join the group on Sergent Couplers.


I currently live in South Africa but a move to New Zealand is likely in the future.  I madel on an “ad hoc” basis, time and to an extent, funds being limited.  I first discovered Sergent many years ago and bought a few packs of couplers at the time.  Some were installed on the kit built South African items I have (HO scale, 12mm guage).  I also have some North American stock, which I have recently pulled from storage while locked away due to a certain global virus problem.  It is an opportunity to show my youngest the hobby.  We are currently building a sectional layout based very loosely on North American outlines and practices with no real intention to respresent anything accurately.  It is a chance for me to “play” with DCC, automatic signalling and electronics, and Liam gets to play with trains.


I am really fond of the Sergent couplers, all my rolling stock is equipped with Sergent.  I find that as long as the assemble process is undertaken with care, the couplers are perfect.  Suspect couplers are removed, soaked to disassemble, and reworked.  I have added pick-ups to all my rolling stock for block detection and as a side effect I found that the slight additional rolling resistance makes coupling even more reliable.




Richard and Liam Kirk