Intermountain 19,600 gal. tankcars/ SEC87K

Josh Baakko

I've found that cleaning the shank, top and bottom, with a mill file usually does the trick, until you get to to Walthers cars, then you need to file the inside of the coupler box lids.

Another choice is to loosen the screw a tiny bit, and tack it in place *FROM THE OUTSIDE* with some thick CA.  The CA keeps a loose screw from unscrewing, and the screw it's self will keep the slightly looser lid on.

As for the height issue, there's a few solutions, you can shim the coupler box interior so the coupler rides lower, which will also require a shim to "lower" the lid.  Or you can spend time filing the bolster, viable in some cases, hard if you try to keep the bolster center pin, you can completely remove it in most cases, and have a flat bolster.
Josh Baakko