Interest in the Group

Jordan Glogau


My name is Jordan Glogau, I just started to get back into model railroading.  I am 71 years old and the last time I was involved with MRR was in the late 1950's to the mid 1960's.  Professionally I was involved with high tech and helped put together one of the first internets for the Department of the Army in 1986.  Yes, internet, before it was a proper noun.

I am stunned by how much as changed and how much hasn't.  Since I have done a lot of programming DCC is very exciting to me because you can do your own coding with an Arduino.  So I am brushing up my skills in that regard.

But couplers, holly mollie, Lionel had decoupling tracks back then and in some ways not much has changed.  Got interested, if not obsessed, with the whole issue and just found out about SergentEngineering's prototypical couplers. The group is doing some amazing work especially the work on remote coupling/decoupling.

I hope to learn a lot more and contribute in some manner.

Jordan Glogau