Hello All

Bryian Sones

My name is Bryian Sones.

I've been a Modelrailroader for 44 years. I am into Prototype and Fine Scale Modeling. I mainly model the Union Pacific 1958 era in HO and  D&RGW Narrow Gauge, in the mid 50's Hon3. I also have some mid 80's S.P. and Rio Grande and Modern U.P. equipment. I am a Regular Member of the San Diego Model Railroad Club in California. I've been a member of many other various organization some current and in the past, such as, NMRA, UPHS, NMRS, RealSTMFC, RFCB  and WRPM 
I have been using Sergent couplers on all of my equipment for about 6 years. I am interested in the group to learn more and share knowledge.

Kind Regards,

Bryian Sones