Group membership request


Interested in the group as an HO modeler who wants more realistic couplers. I've been using Kadee 5s in the past, went to 58s and 158s but prefer the look of the Sergent coupler.
Luther Brefo
Central VA & Western NY

Todd Sullivan

Welcome to the group, Luther.  The state of manufacture and availability of Sergent couplers is a bit in flux.  What is shown as 'in stock' on the website is available, but come of the more modern styles (tight lock, type F, for example) may not be.  That's in HO.  Not much currently available in S scale, judging from the past few months of posts. Might be worth your time to review recent posts on the forum at

Todd Sullivan.

RJ Dial

We here are a bunch of carryovers from the original Yahoo Sergent group. Frank used to drop in now and then. The Sergent Engineering website is still active with the couplers that are still being made (HO E type). (

For the specialized investment cast versions, we are all watching updates from the individuals and entities who took Frank's open sourced drawings and are exploring ways to manufacturing them. It's kind of like the X-Prize from a few years back, in that whoever is successful first on a repeatable basis may possibly win the whole enchilada from Frank (who want's to retire).

Photo's are such a pain on lists, so much of the sharing of installed couplers and the 3D printing results occurs over on the Sergent Facebook site.(

I myself have about 110 HO freight cars and Interurbans and traction locomotives configured with Sergents. Since I model 1939, the E types do me fine, I just am short extended shanks.  I do miss the early hexavalent chromium material though, they came appropriately "pre-painted".
RJ Dial
Mendocino, CA