First Post

Craig Tice

I use Sergent HO couplers on my On30 mining tram.  They look great and work perfectly!

Ross Hurley

Brief intro. I use Sergent couplers for auto-coupled stock on an Australian broad gauge layout (genuine broad gauge - 18.39mm), set in the 1920s. The South Australian Railways had an American commissioner then who Americanised the rail system, replacing antiquated and inefficient British style locos, rolling stock and operating practices. I model the transition era so both types of rolling stock are in use, which means I have to use another coupler on the old chain- and drawhook-coupled stock. It's an interesting mix but the Sergents are perfect for the job they do.

Ross Hurley
Adelaide, Australia

Jason McKee

Hi Guys,
First post of many, southern pacific modeler, in ho, I am using sergent couplers for everything, don’t have a layout at the moment, but enjoy building kits for the future layout