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Trevor at The Model Railway Show

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Hi everybody:

I suspect a few people are wondering about the recently re-released - and updated - EC64K S scale couplers (also suitable for O scale narrow gauge models).

I picked up a few packages before Frank temporarily pulled them. I exchanged an email with Frank and he tells me he wants to re-do the moving part of the knuckle as a die cast piece. This will improve manufacturing quality and consistency for him - and for us it will mean we don't have to file the gates off the face of the knuckle, so they'll be even easier to assemble.

Frank's website notes the revised versions should be on the market later this summer.

In the meantime, I'm building the ones I have and mounting them on a few representative pieces of equipment on my layout - such as the caboose at left in the attached photo (with a Kadee 808-equipped caboose for comparison). I've also done a few freight cars, a full-length (90-foot) passenger car, a steam engine (front and rear) - and even an Ambroid snow plow (front and rear).

I will put the couplers through some thorough testing on my layout before I decide whether to commit to them and place a bulk order with Frank.

It's early days but so far, so good!

Since others may be interested in my tests, I'll be posting about them on my blog and am collecting all posts into a separate category called "Sergent Couplers". Here's the link if you want to follow along:

Enjoy if you visit!

- Trevor


Trevor Marshall

Port Rowan in 1:64

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