Drilled Top Option

Tim Weller

Is anyone running the drilled top option? How do you add a cut lever to cars without the assembly? Do they actually decouple via the cut lever or do you still use the magnet? 

David Olsen

Tim, the drilled top option is purely cosmetic to allow you to model the linkage to a diesel or other top-mounted uncoupling lever. It does not operate the Sergent coupler’s ball bearing to uncouple. I think I recall someone rigging up a magnetic uncoupling lever, but I don’t recall how it was done. I just use the wand for everything.

On freight cars, I like adding the bottom-mounted etched coupler linkage that Sergent sells (at the bottom of the coupler pages). It’s a nice added detail, and you can theoretically connect it to an uncoupling lever, but you have to make sure it doesn’t affect the swing of the coupler.

Dave Olsen
Macomb, MI

Tim Weller

Thanks Dave. So is the drilled hole closer to the shank? I was thinking the eye bolt would slide up and down the same shaft as the ball bearing does.
Still looking for ways to operate the coupler from below instead of above.