Draft gear boxes


In light of the discussion about the Accurail boxes not being available, has anyone tried using Sergent couplers in the Moloco draft gear boxes?  Would these work best with the compatible or the narrow shank couplers? Or both perhaps?

David Olsen

The compatible shank couplers work fine in Moloco boxes, but I personally think they stick out just a tad too far when compared to prototype photos.  I think it's because the Sergent pulling face is the same distance as a Kadee from the pivot point of the shank, but the scale Sergent head is smaller overall, making the exposed part of the coupler shank a little longer. I've noticed the same thing using compatible shank couplers in some other brands of coupler box, such as Tangent. I bought a few sets of the short shank couplers to see if they look better. Keep in mind that I'm pretty picky about the appearance of things like this, so you may not even notice. It has no effect on operations at all.

Dave Olsen
El Paso, TX


I called over to Accurail today and spoke to an individual that said the Scale Draft Gear show be available by year end. They are busy right now making kits for Train Fest and should have them back in stock soon.
George Toman

Alan Hummel

I have Intermountain tankers with Accurail Coupler boxes that would've been a "drop in" for Sergent narrow shank SE couplers.
With the narrow shank couplers retired,what course of action is available to me?

Is Intermountain still making these corn syrup tankers with the Accurail boxes or have they upgraded? I've been out of the railroad hobby for several years,as being busy with work has slowed my rail time to almost a halt. Now it's slowly coming back.

Thank you all for your help in advance.

Al Hummel

David Ditmer

For what its worth ..... I had emailed Accurail about a month ago on #1031 draft gear box availability.  Eric Cote emailed me yesterday saying that tooling was complete and that "I believe by early to mid next week we can get the #1081 coupler boxes back up on the website and available for ordering again"

Dave Ditmer

David Ditmer

Saw yesterday that these draft gear boxes are now available on Accurail website

Dave Ditmer