[SergentEng] Re: Coupler finish/color

John Niemeyer

This is what Frank said on his website.
The "secret" is Rustoleum's Rusty Metal Primer. This is great stuff. It's just the right color and has a dead flat finish. It's available in spray cans and pints and quarts. You can find it just about anywhere (including Walmart).
In the 2014 HOn3 Annual, I used Tamiya “Red/Brown”. In my opinion model paint has a finer pigment and can be sprayed with a thinner coat.
I also lube the knuckle with Neolube. When dry, it leaves a grimy weathered look.
John Niemeyer

Actually, painting them is the normal way to finish these.  I think the info is on the web site but it is also on an article in the HOn3 Annual a few years back.  I know that because I helped write the article!  But sadly I don't have it at hand and can't remember the exact paint, though I think it may have been Krylon primer.
Mike Conder

Edward Sutorik

I used to paint my Kadee's with an appropriate mix of Floquil--no regrets.  I expect to spray paint a batch of Sergents in the future, and will likely use my airbrush to spray some equivalent color of flat enamel.

I'm real wary of using spray cans on anything, uh, delicate.


Edward Sutorik