[SergentEng] Coupler style for 1970 era SP engines

Nathan Rich

Most pictures of freight locomotives from that time that I have seen have the usual E heads. Passenger locomotives usually had H heads at that time. I would check roster shots of your specific locomotives to try to find which coupler they had.

It seems to be in more recent years that passenger locomotives and some freight engines, especially those in rotary dump coal train service, have started getting F heads. 

Nathan Rich

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No easy answer Rob. Best practice is to find period pictures and identify by using the NMRA coupler file in this groups files section. Remember that freight and passenger locos could use different couplers.

Dave Snyder
Louisville, Ky.

Rob Briney

Thank you gentlemen for your input. Though I was in high school and college during those years, I wasn't putting much of my studies into my life long love of trains!