[SergentEng] Re: Is there a maximum train length?

Tim L

If those couplers are from that long ago then they are likely the
pewter cast variety which isn't a bad testament given the service they
must have seen. The newer zinc cast should be even stronger.


On 03/04/2016 04:26, James Wall @nsc39dash8 [SergentEng] wrote:
I have experienced on failure of Sergent type E. I have a forty car
train of the old Roundhouse Ortner 5 bay hoppers that are weighted to
about 12 ounces, give or take. On my 2.5% incline with One Kato SD45 and
two Kato SD40-2’s pulling and two Atlas SD24’s(new version) in helper
service on the end, the train crested and some slacked. When the slack
was taken up the coupler between the two SD24’s broke the shank.

When I took the coupler piece out of the loco I examined it and it
looked bent. I am sure this loco took a hit some time or the coupler
shank was bent when I installed it without seeing it.
This coupler would have come from some of the earliest Sergents, like
right after Frank started.

I would not be to concerned about a 20 to 25 car train. My cars are
weighted to way above NMRA standards, so this train by my rough math is
something like 30 pounds in just the cars.

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC