[SergentEng] Extended shank couplers

Frank Sergent

Hi Tony,
The "Plus 0.130" coupler was developed with a customer's help to properly model some bulkhead flats and I presume his field work would be applicable to similar applications. Thanks to Todd Templeton for this work. Here's a picture he took of what he was trying to model. He also provided some measurements that he was able to make safely.
The "Plus 0.100" coupler is intended to be a replacement for the KD #26 style couplers. It wasn't created to match any particular prototype.
My guess is that the "Pluss 0.130" would be a better match for what you are after.

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Hi all,
First I'd like to say thank you to the moderator for letting me join this group, much appreciated.  Also thanks to Sergent Engineering for providing such awesome couplers.
My question is about the new extended shank couplers that are available.  I see that they come in two lengths, 0.100" and 0.130.  Which one of these lengths is appropriate for flat cars (the 89' flavor) and which is appropriate for Exactrail/BLMA 64' TRINcool reefers?
Tony V 


Hi Frank,


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question about the extended shank couplers.  I'll probably place an order for some of the extended shank couplers soon.