[SergentEng] RE: Re: New Sharon couplers

Mike Van Hove

I have tried the Neo-Lube, Pencil lead and now, my favorite:

I use the Micro Brushes for various jobs.  Found that dipping the end of the Yellow Micro Brush in powdered graphite, and gently shoving the end of the micro Brush into the open jawes of the coupler and just gently twisting the stem of the Micro Brush really gives the coupler a good shot of graphite.  The Yellow Micro-Brush seems to be the best size for this job.

If you hold the coupler by the shank end with the coupler jaws upright, then flex the movable jaw a few times, the graphite seems to go down into the coupler, quite well.  When you are thru with this excercise, just tip the coupler so the jaws are down and tap it gently on the Graphite container.  The excess will drop out, and you have a well lubricated coupler.

Hope this helps.

Mike van Hove
Columbia, MO

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Hi Cameron and group members,

I've ordered a set of 6 Sharon couplers, the assembly jig, and the uncoupling wand to try out on some of my Blackstone fleet.  Can you tell me more about using the NeoLube?  Is this the same NeoLube sold through MicroMark?  I had tried out the Sergent EN87 coupler a couple of years ago, but wasn't interested in making all the necessary modifications to my freight cars and locomotives to replace the Kadee 714's.  Do you think the NeoLube is a better option than using pencil lead, as described in Sergent's instructions?

Thanks everyone!  I'm looking forward to trying the Sergent couplers again.

Take care!