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I think it really depends on two things
1. Are all and I do mean ALL of your sidings and passing tracks accessible from your walking space around your layout?  If the answer is yes. Then you have to ask yourself question 2

2. How close to real life switching movements do you want to get?

If the answer is as close as possible. Then Sergent Couplers are for you.

If you are more comfortable with just uncoupling cars with a pointed stick and spotting them by hand. Maybe Sergents are not for you.

I like Sergents tremendously! They reinvigorated my enjoyment of my hobby. This simply because of the way that they work. It’s almost like being a real switchman on the ground. The only things I don’t do are connect and disconnect air hoses or set and release the brakes

D. Buxton

On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 14:37 Brian Shumaker <brian.shumaker@...> wrote:
Hello, I’m an HO modeler and interested in possibly using Sergents in my cars. Just not sure it’s operationally feasible.