Becoming a member of Sergent Engineer IO Group

Bob Stuff



I’ve recently learned of Sergent’s existence and have been trying to reach the company for more details.  Lacking an email reply to the website address I used, I began to look around to see if there was any online info/chatter, and found this website.  I’ve been modeling in HO for a number of years, and have now built most of my layout.   One items of interest has been a rotary dumper, hence the interest in rotary couplers which is what lead me to Sergent and now this group site.  Hopefully I can learn and then share some of my experiences.







Ed Tibbetts <tippytib@...>

I sent an email to    info   at   sergentIengeniering   dot   com and got a timely and informative reply from Frank Sergent the next day.

Ed Tibbetts <tippytib@...>

Bob, see entry 1477 on this list. It's a comment on the rotary couplers. He may have answers to your ?????