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This Group is for anyone interested in the Los Angeles Junction Railway (LAJ). It was started by men from Chicago in 1922 as the Central Manufacturing District. It started with a stock yard, a large warehouse & several other smaller industries. Santa Fe Railway always had a controlling interest in LAJ, Then in 1974 LAJ became wholly owned by Santa Fe. LAJ is located now in the cities of Commerce, Maywood & Vernon in an area 2 miles wide by 5 miles long . In that space there's 64 miles of track. It bas always been an industrial switching railroad so there's never been any passenger service. LAJ is comprised of 22 Switch Leads & 3 yards. It used to interchange with ATSF, PE, SP & UP. The Jan. 1972 LAJ Industry List shows over 350 industries. But in the last 20 years may industries have left.            
It started w/ 4 ALCO 0-6-0 steam switchers. If needed Santa Fe would loan them one of theirs. In 1941 LAJ acquired ALCO S-2 diesels By 1949 they acquired S-4s. The 5 S-2s & 2 S-4s left in 10/1974. At that Santa Fe loaned them their CF7s out of the LA pool. In 1986 LAJ acquired 4 CF7s that Santa Fe had stopped using. 
My interest in the LAJ began about 10 years ago looking for a switching RR to model. Being a Santa Fe fan it was only natural to pick LAJ. A couple of years into the LAJ, had the good fortune to met Charlie Slater. He was a conductor at LAJ 1970-1984. He then went to Santa Fe & retired from BNSF in 2006. Charlie is also an excellent modeler & belongs to GEHMS in Bakersfield. He also wrote the best article on the LAJ for the 10/03 issue of Warbonnet..