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Kevin Packard

Hi all, been a Sergent user for years now and am a huge fan of the looks and function of these couplers.  Unfortunately I've used up my small supply of lower shelf F's (for locomotives) and my extended shank lower shelf E's (for modern plate F cars and others).  These are couplers that I'll definitely need more of and I have my doubts that they will be produced again via Sergent Engineering.

I have a basic 3D printer at home that I've just started learning how to use.  It's an Elegoo Mars, and uses an LCD screen and UV light to print from liquid resin.  

I'm totally unexperienced with CAD work and can't figure out how to turn the drawings that Sergent released into something printable.  When I import into Meshmixer there are errors all over the place.  If I'm right this will keep it front printing correctly.  Anyone have some input on this?

My hope is that I can at least print the long shank uppers for now, and use those until someone figures out how to do it in metal again.  The cars they will be on won't be in a long and heavy train (max 15 cars) and so will not likely experience significant stress.  I plan on using my remaining lower shelfs, and standard Sergent knuckles and ball.  My understanding is that I can use different resins, and even mix resins to get the properties I want.....strength, slight flexibility, etc.

Thoughts?  I anyone has already converted the Sergent files into printable files it would be awesome to have those available for the rest of the group.  


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Ian Millard


I have just requested to join your IO group.

I have been a user of Sergent couplers for many years after coming across them on the Proto:87 Stores site when I was contemplating going P87.

I use them exclusively and am always recommending them to other modellers.


Ian Millard

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Hi, I've been interested in Sergent couplers for a long time, and am interested in learning more about them. I'll be reading up ok tips and tricks for assembly as well as operations. Thanks!