Re: [SergentEng] Recommendations and Advice for Someone New to Sergent Couplers

Nathan Rich

Yes, you are correct. I have equipped about 75 Athearn cars with Sergent couplers, and with the excepting of one caboose they all had those metal clips. I am well aware of the difference.

I was suggesting replacing the stock box with EN87 and the Sergent supplied Accurail box, which will reduce the loss of the metal plate. I have had that happen about five times while running trains. They also pop off easily when they are in my transport box. I personally feel that the A-Line screw system, while clever and good enough for a Kadee coupler, is unnecessary because we have the EN87. I'd rather spend the 23.95 and whatever else to get a minimum $35 order from A-Line on EN87's and a scale size coupler box that will look better on the end of the car.

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, Andy Jackson <lajrmdlr@...> wrote:
The old Athearn cars have the metal coupler covers not Accurail. Aline does make an assembly to put a screw to hold the metal cover on now.
Andy Jackson
Santa Fe Springs CA

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