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Rick Payne

Mr. Hummel,

Thanks for your reply.  My son is 15.  I understand why you asked and no offense is taken.  He amazes me sometimes since he prefers to scratch build then build kits. He started making buildings out of paper, kind of mock setup, and then moved to plastic and wood.  He is teaching himself the 'art' of modeling.  I only help when he asks for help.  Kind of the way I learn how over the years.  He currently building a diorama of SFO back in the 40's at a scale of 1:400.  While it's not a scale I would start with, its turning out looking good.  It is his first real attempt at scratch building to boot.  With model railroading I am helping him with scenery and weathering.

We both belong to a local model railroad club so our rolling stock and motive power cover late 40's to late 60's.  Home layout will cover the 60's to present.  From what you say, I can pick up a mixture of couplers and install them per year and car type.  Thanks again for the info.

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On Tuesday, December 8, 2015 4:07 PM, "Alan Hummel ahummel72@... [SergentEng]" wrote:

How old is your son? I ask because of the level of care needed for proper assembly for good working & that wasn't meant in a derogatory manner,just the opposite.

The type coupler you choose,depends to a high degree on the era you're modeling in. Before 1975,the common E coupler would be my coupler of choice.

In 1975,the Government mandated that all tank cars carrying hazardous materials,install the double shelf couplers to keep an adjoining common E coupler from sliding up & out of the coupler on the tank car&puncturing the tank. In years since that date,the railroads have changed much of their engines & rolling stock over to double shelf couplers for tankers and lower shelf couplers for non hazardous cargos.

Again,depending on your era of modeling interest,will depend on your couplers of choice. You can have E couplers,SE,(double shelf E couplers),SBE,(E lower shelf couplers),SF,(double shelf F couplers),F couplers&H couplers all intermingled,again depending on era of modeling. The H couplers are designed primarily for passenger trains.

Hope this helps.
Al Hummel

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