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John Niemeyer <jniemeyer@...>

Jeff & Michael
That effect with the Kadee 714 coupler, I refer to is coupler bob. Very annoying. I see that with any of the split shank Kadee or Micro Trail Line “N” scale couplers that many narrow gaugers use on HOn3 and HOn30.
Please share more photos. If you are doing anything out of the ordinary, please share that as well.
Are those C&S gons Micro Train Lines or Grandt Line? Really nice weathering.
John Niemeyer
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Hi Michael,
I did the same as you recently, and for the same reason.
I’ve only installed them on 2 cars so far (a pair of Micro-Trains C&S coal cars), but that went smoothly enough.  And they certainly look more prototypical, even just sitting there.

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